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Consider this your one stop hub to accelerate your vision, make an impact and increase your income through your expertise.

The Thrive Society is for leaders and aspiring solopreneurs who want to discover more opportunities, bring their ideas or that side project to life, make a difference along the way,  accelerate their influence and get Useful (and Actionable!) Tips, Tools and Resources to propel them forward!

How I Started… My Defining moment... and What I Did About it

My business journey was a 7 year haul with a definite leap at the end where I decided to play all out. And there were many times along the way where I thought to throw in the towel but I kept on going.

I launched my business during 2009 as a side hustle where I started coaching men and women through career transition as a solopreneur while I was still climbing the corporate ladder. But I felt there was more.

I was incredible inspired to lead with my magic and grow my career from that place.

I had ideas I wanted to bring to life! I was working for Australia’s Most Innovative Company where I worked with super talented people, intrapreneurs who were working on game changing projects, but yet something was missing for me. Two years on from there, I found myself in the situation where I chose to focus solely on my brand. 

In that moment I decided, it was just me and my biz, and I had no back up plan. But I had no regrets—the lifestyle, flexibility and independence as a business woman and solopreneur suited me very well. I also loved the challenge of figuring out how to authentically earn a living coaching, writing, training and speaking through sharing my expertise, which is where my deepest passion was.

It has been a true self discovery journey along the way. I have learnt more about myself in these 7 years, that my formal education taught me. I grew as a woman, a leader, a wife and mother. I navigated life’s biggest challenges along the way and frequently answered the business question that always arose for me: What’s next Kelly? What else can I do with my magic?

I made a promise to myself to always believe in myself. To always innovate in my work, my ideas and my expertise. To lead from within. And to think big. My thinking, my services, my products and where I wanted to take my personal brand.

Solopreneurship takes grit, determination and daily action, every single day. I worked up to 16 hour days to get started in the beginning in my corporate role and in any spare time I had, on my business. I listened to those nudges that kept me going in the right direction.

And then the magic began to happen. Opportunities started flowing in left, right and centre and I knew deep down this was what I was meant to do with my life. There were no alternatives. I was going to continue to consult, coach, speak and do what I did best, helping people discover the endless opportunities that they can attract.

And this is what happened!

2017 became the most profitable year of my business- WITHIN THE FIRST 3 MONTHS OF 2017 I SMASHED 2016 OUT OF THE PARK!:

  • I hired another 4 team members to help me grow my vision.
  • I was approached to be a coach for a growing US Company that was working with some of the most innovative Fortune 500 companies in the world.
  • I had built a tribe of leaders who lifted each other up and helped each other build their future.
  • I was featured in the international media for the launch of my new personal brand.
  • I welcomed my first baby and my life and business built an even stronger vision of building a legacy for my child.

But most importantly, my confidence came back. And I want you to feel like this too. I feel now that I am unstoppable. I am diversifying. Thriving. Shifting and moving forward every single day. My career and purpose is about creating a legacy, helping others make a difference through commercialising their ideas and vision and feeling like I am contributing my best work to the world. At the same time, helping guide and mentor as many people as I am able to work in their own zone of genius, build a vision that brings them clarity, confidence and flexibility to do focus on what they choose to bring them the income they desire.

But the main thing? I have learnt to build flexibility in my offerings and value, I have learnt to innovate myself and what I can do.

That is what inspired me to create the Thrive Society.

The personal and business shifts I described above did not come because I waved a magic wand and it fell from the sky (though there were plenty of life changing opportunities that helped). It came because I was determined to do things differently. I dug deep inside and found out what worked for me. I shifted in different directions. Kept looking within and got the right support. I made the decision that there was no alternative.

I surrounded myself with people who lifted me up and started asking better questions. To myself. To my mentors. And I hired support well before I was ready.

I read everything I could get my hands on about business, entrepreneurship, leadership and understanding financials, and what my market wanted and took daily intention based actions every single day without fail, while still working on projects that I loved. And saying yes to opportunities that came my way! I had enough of following “what everyone else was doing” online. I LOVED my face to face workshops. My consulting with organisations. My 1:1 clients across the globe. I saw so much potential in people. It was time to keep doing things differently. The way it worked for me. And I wanted to help others create that shift in themselves. Be able to see that the impossible is possible. Be able to monetise their expertise!

My clients know that I have a no filter approach—you can ask me anything, and I am happy to share. And I will give you the real deal. And I wanted to bring that level of transparency to the Thrive Society as well. Because I know that knowledge is so powerful, community is critical and comparing notes, feedback, ideas and resources with others can be incredibly empowering. And can also open up opportunities that you thought were never possible. But are completely in your sights.

The Thrive Society helps you discover how to disrupt your own version of normal. Not following the status quo. Challenging you to do business the way it suits you. Around you and your needs. Helping you create a legacy through your work. Monetising your expertise and truly making a difference.

Flexibility, Freedom, Fulfilment and Confidence- A perfect match

I truly believe true success comes from meeting the universe halfway and being truly self aware to your thoughts, feelings, gifts and passions. I optimize now for revenue and fulfillment. I make it a non negotiable to connect with other like-minded people. I look for a sense of flow, not force.

I have since come to realize you cannot just make it happen. You can allow it. Uncover it. You can create your vision and then release it.

Goals can be overrated.
But vision is magical.

The Thrive Society is meant to be as vision inspiring, multi-faceted, flexible and dynamic as you are. The Thrive Society is about creating your leadership brand through your expertise. Discovering options to monetise your expertise. In addition to the content you can access anytime, we will discuss business, career change, and thought leadership. Help you to live larger with more opportunities!

It is okay to set the bar higher for yourself. Break your own glass ceiling. Disrupt your your own version of normal. And build the courage to monetise.

I have been there, and am right there with you. I would love to be your unofficial business partner to help you thrive!

What Is the Thrive Society?

I have created the community and discovery centre that I wish I had when I was at career crossroads and was thinking about changing careers and venturing into the unknown world of solopreneurship and building my personal brand and I will share every mistake I have made and every game changing strategy that I have been taught to hopefully carve years off of your own career and creative struggles. It really is about bringing that idea to life as a side hustle or your new venture and monetising your expertise! And yes, YES you CAN do both, achieve success doing both and have your cake and eat it too.

It’s about creating that vision where you know you can influence and create impact. It’s about learning to commercialise and monetise your ideas and knowledge.

The essence of the Thrive Society is all about leadership.

The Thrive Society is a MOVEMENT of solopreneurs, leaders and influencers looking to help create positive change in the world through their talents and expertise.

On the surface The Thrive Society is about activating your deep potential, testing and creating new ideas and passion projects, building strategies, and encouraging you and others to bring their vision into reality. It’s for talented people in business who want more, know they can be DOING more and believe that they can influence others through their talents.

But really it is about creating innovation and fulfillment in our work and change in the world. It is about busting out of ruts, re designing what our ideal work looks like, getting more clarity, bringing your passion back by experimenting with small ideas, building a legacy through your work through the added benefit of a like minded community of passion fuelled current or aspiring solopreneurs and side hustlers with the added benefit of accountability.


  • Be able to build your confidence to launch new projects however big or small.
  • Access laser training targeted to the busy aspiring entrepreneur, solopreneur or leader. Listen to the trainings on the go and start implementing right away while connecting with likeminded people who are ready to step up.
  • Be able to block out all the internet noise and focus on the good stuff that actually works with highly effective tips and tools that have been road-tested to get results.
  • Discover and learn the right scalable business model for you, depending on what your vision looks like.
  • Leverage what is working to amplify your best results, and continue building a strong foundation in your career or business.
  • Improve and build on your skillset with new courses and step-by-step support.
  • Make decisions with confidence in yourself and your ideas.
  • Learn to build an unstoppable personal brand to be able to influence with impact.
  • Save time, money, and effort—instead of buying online courses and products that sit unused on your desktop, get access to resources and best practices for the cost of just two business books per month.
  • Have access to VIP rates to work with Kelly privately.

Ultimately, the Thrive Society is your haven in an ever growing online market of noise for visionary leaders and solopreneurs!

It’s about paving your own way, disrupting your own version of normal and designing a career or business on your terms. While monetising your expertise!

With the Thrive Society, it’s time to feel at home, be in comfort knowing you are on the right track, whilst being stretched and held accountable when required. You can experiment with new ideas, get inspiration and feedback when you are stuck and in overwhelm, and find all the latest tools, tips and tricks to keep you going in your journey.

You can choose to collaborate with a community of like-minded people, or run your own ship. The choice is yours!

I will guide you all through the same overarching content each month, but you can develop your own customisable toolkit and review what you need as you go!


  • Rah-rah fluff advice that does not actually move you forward.
  • Ridiculously expensive monthly fees when you are trying to build your income.
  • Mundane group calls where you tune out after ten minutes. Training is sharp, focussed and accessible at any time you choose.
  • A platform for self promotion. Growth is encouraged, but those slightly “off the cuff” forum posts that hijack the conversation for self-promotion (we will be monitoring for that) will not be allowed.
  • A group where you get lost in the midst of members. As part of the onboarding process you will get to divulge where you need support and Kelly will make it happen!

I am committed to bringing you a NO filter insanely useful, tactical, practical community that will accelerate your life, career and business in every way while creating a global movement simultaneously!

I want the Thrive Society’s trainings, discussions and emails to feel like they are accelerating you forward — tools that you didn’t even know were available to support you, lifelong connections to create opportunity and advice that moves you out of the “how” quicker than you can say “business”!

Consider me your humble leader and brand accelerator— your wish is my command, to the best of my ability!

Who Is the Thrive Society For?

Thrive is a private community for smart, ambitious, generous, visionary leaders who want to bring intelligence, delight and legacy to their career and personal brands.

It is for people who are not satisfied with the status quo; for people who want more- to feel alive, empowered, and engaged in their work (and life) and be able to have variety in their projects while building their income and creating a global movement of change.


  • Are starting out in business,  a solopreneur (within the first 12-18 months), have a side-hustle, or side project you are excited about developing or growing.
  • If you are juggling your 9-5 and feel that it’s “not quite it” and its time to explore options.
  • Are excited about the prospect of monetising your ideas and knowledge but just need clarity on how and when to start.
  • At the stage where you are thinking about launching your big idea.
  • Are interested in meaningful connection and who truly want more variety, and spice in their careers!
  • Are a positive person who believes they are born for more.
  • Will honour confidentiality.
  • Have the ambition to capture, package and deliver your ideas for commercial success.
  • Is interested in building a society of aspiring solopreneurs and known experts.

I attribute so much of my early success in my environment to surrounding myself with the right people and learning the right tools for my career and business. With my community of likeminded leaders and solopreneurs, we grew together by helping each other tweak and refine our career and businesses, kept each other accountable and were there to lift each other up. As a result, many of us succeeded with launching full-time business practices as a result as well as amazing consulting gigs, speaking engagements, promotions to senior roles etc.!

And this is why I created the Thrive Society—because I know that it takes a team to build your dream, and together we can truly make a difference, not only to each other, but on a global scale.

Here's Exactly What You will find inside…


  • Access to a private discussion forum, where you can chat, connect, and share resources with other Thrive Society Members.
  • Each month I host a training where we will deep dive into a major skill or topic, based on what you need to know and requests from the group.
  • Each quarter I will launch a new course for you to access. These will be on point, meaningful and practical for you to put into place right away.
  • Every month I host open Q&A calls. These are always recorded so you can submit questions beforehand if you can’t make it live.
  • You will have access to an ever-growing Content Library, where you will have access to every workshop, webinar and course I have ever created, all call recordings, as well as templates, including ones that I use with coaching clients (a total value of over $1,995).
  • The bottom line is: I am giving my all to this community, and I hope you will do the same, and that we can build something phenomenal together!


“Kelly has a highly addictive personality and work ethic. I engaged with Kelly in the early start up phase of our company and found Kelly's motivation, level headiness and ideas were what we needed as a company to look into the future to enable us to build from the base level up. Kelly is very much an asset to all who engage with her.”

David, Managing Director

“Kelly is a true inspiration, guiding and mentoring me in the launch of my online coaching business. Kelly provided me with the framework, resources confidence and determination to strive for what I wanted to achieve. Her nurturing approach and knowledge is astounding and I strongly endorse and recommend her services.”

Anna, CEO Blockfit

Kelly Kozaris
Kelly Kozaris
Career & Business Strategist, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer

About the instructor

Kelly Kozaris is an international Career & Business Strategist, Leadership Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Trainer dedicated to the advancement of people in business. Kelly works with current and emerging business leaders, new entrepreneurs, trail blazers and innovators across the globe to help them enhance their vision, help them build a legacy and enhance their success in business through elevating their influence and leadership.

A Thought Leaders Global Accredited Coach, Kelly has been featured in the international media on FOX, CBS, NBC, and the ABC and combines her passion of strategy, innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship with her talent of creating and executing a vision in game changing individuals and businesses.

You can read more about Kelly at


I truly believe that the Thrive Society is what the world needs right now to create long term change, and the ability to shift and grow a movement of leaders in the world who are creating legacy’s and game changing businesses and careers for the future. I also have a strong belief in it’s power to inspire and empower you in every area of your work.

Everyone is allowed a change of heart, and I only want to work with people who are thrilled to be working with me and who are truly ready to own it and step up!

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